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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

Originally Posted by scatterbrainedmom
so, are you assuming he is an abuser because he is a truck driver? or did i miss your point? IMO truckers are really nice folks. my fil is one and my step father used to be one.

and if he WAS an abuser, what do you think he would do to her after he gets and email or phone call??

complain about her diapers and customer service, but don't speculate on her being abused. it is just not nice at all.
Back when the story that wildflowerjenn went on, he verbally slammed the mama that was trying to get her $ back, threatened the customers DH's military career, had the $ and the diapers and refused to send something until she withdrew her negative feedback. I have read the emails, but I can't remember where. He was a nasty fellow.

Anyway, I think the PP was commenting on his general lack of respect and utter rudeness in dealing w/ people (and who knows how he treats his wife, cause he wouldn't let the above customer speak w/ her). Also, the fact that she went from such a kind WAHmama to this, in what, 6 months? Once he got involved w/ her business it seemed to go downhill fast.

FWIW, I didn't read that she was saying that cause he was a truck driver it meant he was an abuser... but I'll let her clarify.

(this may not make sense, the nursing toddler is kicking my arm, lol)
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