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Re: RANT! friend gonna follow some book about making baby sleep through night.....

Wow, after reading through this entire thread (and having to log back in because I get timed out from reading long threads, just to get to the second page) I have to admit to having used a small portion of this Ezzo method without realizing it. I can honestly say I was one of those mama's that didn't read a single "how to" book before my first was born. I was too busy in the Army, working with my DH's deployment schedule and him being gone alot, blah blah blah. When #1 was born, my DH was home for the first 10 days then gone off and on for the next 11 months (for a total of 10 months). Having to go back to work by week 6 and feeling like a single mother alot, yeah... a routine was massively so important it wasn't funny.

And by what you've described e_mom_e... that's exactly what I did! I'm just amazed because sometimes it comes to moms naturally to do this and anyone would pretty much be waiting to have a cold day in hell if they wanted to tell me I did something wrong with my child. She's a well adjusted, healthy eating, well sleeping elementary aged child now.

To another poster that mentioned a mama didn't want her child to get fat... sad to say but I know a few mama's like that. Makes me so sick. The SIL of my best friend has a daughter the same age as my middle one and I remember linking up with this woman (not my BF) and her DH was giving their daughter Fruit Loops. She asked him "How many have you given her?" and he goes "I don't know but she's eating them. When she's full, she'll stop." and she nearly flipped! She goes "I only give her 10! I don't want her fat!!!! How could you!" I nearly choked on my own breakfast and had to refrain from making some super smart aleck responses.

What works for some families won't work for others. Everyone, at all levels, needs to respect that.
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