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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

I have no idea where you got that I was commenting on truck drivers....that's just odd. I don't care what people do for a living. Maybe you should re-read my post?

As a woman who "went downhill fast" in an abusive relationship myself, I can see many similarities about what people have posted about Jenn and Mark Espinoza's behavior towards their customers. It just seems that her previously happy customers and previously good business slammed into a wall after he got involved, and after reading her story that she quit a good job after they got involved with each other to follow him into his work, and with a little one in tow, it just seems WAY too eerie about all of these situations (including my dealings with them).

Maybe I should hope that I'm totally wrong about their marriage/business and her utterly wrong behavior towards her customers, but if I am, then it just makes her look even worse for treating us like crap WITHOUT a good reason!

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