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Re: OB says to stop nursing- HELP!

Hi there

nursing while pregnant (and Tandem Nursing) is more commonly done than pepople realize.

Here's a link from the La Leche League website regarding
Breastfeeding while pregnant and another, here on Tandem Nursing!

Please check out the link here to the La Leche League message boards for more info & support - you'll have to register (free) to view the Pregnant and Nursing Section... but it'll be worth it!!!!

Also here's another link from a reliable breastfeeding page to some basic information!

IMO if she won't conceed, or at least quit bugging you about it - even if you give her information on it's safety, I'd search for another OB if possible!

I hope you glean something from one of the places I posted for you!!!!!!!!!

Good luck mama!!!!
Find your local LLL or IBCLC
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