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Re: OB says to stop nursing- HELP!

I have a 16 month dd and a 3 month ds, I nursed my dd through most of my pregnancy, until I dried up (she is not a comfort nurser at all, she wanted food!), and I had no problems, my baby turned out just fine- 7 lbs. 7 oz., and he is quite the chunk now (he is on the boob ALL the time!) The first OB I went to was anti-nursing while pregnant, I did my own research, and decided that I wasn't ready to stop, and so I switched docs. If you have a problem with pre-term labor then I'd worry, but I'd never had any issues. I did have to up my calorie intake, drink alot more water, and eat alot more milk making friendly foods, but eventually my supply did go away. My 16 month old resumed nursing when I got milk back, and she'll take an occassional nip every now and then.....I reccoment Adventures in Tandem Nursing, it was a great help to me!
Good luck!
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