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Re: RANT! friend gonna follow some book about making baby sleep through night.....

Originally Posted by myajdw View Post
ok, i DO NOT disagree w/schedules....what i don't think is right is forcing one on a nb. but if it works for some more power to you.
but obviously some have taken this book and run w/the idea instead of letting mothers instinct lead part of the way....does that make sense? theres my concern.

and yes mama you were very tactful. and i see where your example set me off...i was in a vcery crabby mood when i came back to this thread...i apologize
Hey it's ok, no hard feelings. I do understand the reason this topic upsets you, there may be more to this situation with your friend. But I just wanted to give you some info about the whole philosophy itself because I believe in it so much.
I can see what you mean about the newborn thing, but what you really should know is that we aren't "forcing" anything. The thing is MOST newborns have to be waken to eat anyway. most of the time they don't wake themselves often enough. So basically the only thing I am doing is waking him at the same time intervals so that he regulates his eating patterns to the timing. NICU's in every hospital do it the same way all over the world with their babies. In the newborn stage, it is more likely you will feed him earlier rather than too late. You NEVER make the baby WAIT for their food, that's not how this works. YOu just tweak the schedule. AFter a few weeks, the baby is so predictable and they are like clockwork when they are going to be hungry or tired. It's AWESOME knowing when your baby is going to need something before he even asks, then when he asks you answer right away with exactly what he needs, without having to guess what it is he might need. for the sleeping through the night, it's all about putting them to sleep on their own so they know how to fall asleep without a boob in their mouth, and when the sleep cycles change they can resettle themselves without a sound. The night feedings continue until the BABY no longer wakes for a feeding. At first you wake the baby for those feedings regardless. THen you allow the baby to wake you if he's hungry. My son dropped all his night feedings one at a time, by 11 weeks. PRETTY COOL HUH! ANd I didn't force a single thing on him. And I used my complete mother's instinct the whole time, if something didnt' feel right or wasn't working out as the book said it would, I did what I needed to make things work for US not the BOOK.
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