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Re: HELP!! Majorly clogged ducts, sore nipples.. I am in PAIN

So sorry mama It does get better

I used the rice packs, to me it seemed like the heat "soaked in" better with those. I would massage the breast, put on the heat pack, feed. Rinse and repeat.

You can feed with gravity working for you Seriously, somebody on here recommended it to me and it worked. Put your LO on the floor beneath you and feed while hanging your breast over his/her mouth It seemed to get the clog out faster.

Feed with the chin on the clog.

Massage it as your LO is eating.

I know some people have issue with this advice... but it helped me a ton. I used a medela nipple shield when the nipple pain got really bad. The problem with the advice is that it can cause latch difficulty and if the nipple pain is due to poor latch or something else you need to figure out then I think the shield can help cover it rather than fix it. That said, I was in tears when he would latch on even though he was latching correctly. I used the shield every 2-3 feedings for about a week and my nipples healed and I went back to "normal" feeding. It was a lifesaver.
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