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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

My DD2 has had severe constipation from birth. the only baby in the history of mankind that was constipated and EBF. I have learned alot on the subject.

#1 Cows milk is HORRIBLE for this. one slice of cheese will give her a fit. She can have NO milk. NO cheese, but she can have yogert, ( it is processed differently and has good enzymes

#2 lots of veggies and little meat. veggies are a very natural way of getting things moving.

#3 very little to none processed foods. You never know what these can do to your body and they just arent good for you

#4 TONS of water

#5 daily warm baths to help relax

#6 put baby on potty after every meal. this will encourage them to go after everymeal. our bodies are designed to input mean we need to output. From what i have read one of the best signs of health is have a normal healhty BM ( not diarrhea or constipation) after every meal. BUT most definatley after breakfast. it is a sign our brain sends to our bodies, to have a BM in the morning.

My DD was prescribed ummmm miralax, I gave it to her 2 times and it gave her the WORST tummy aches. I refuse to give it to her again. We hav changed her eating habbits and give her time to poop every morning. ( which means we have to get up earlier since school for her starts at 8) In the last year I have had to give her 2 enemas becaseu she was impacted.
I cannot stress enough about the milk. and get her tested for food allergies. Aslo my dd was tested for hirschprungs, since she had a fetal bowel obstrictin discovered at 23 weeks. She has gone thru so many tests studies but in the end it is diet.

Good luck to all that suffer witih this. after 4 years of trying to figure it all out, we did. it is a long road and i just want ot cry fo rheer when she cant poop. I have IBS with constipatino so I feel her pain. and now my 2yo is showing signs of IBS as well. so off to happy diet land for all LOL
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