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Re: HELP!! Majorly clogged ducts, sore nipples.. I am in PAIN

Thank you mamas!!! I tried the warm compress then set dd on the bed, upside down since the plugged ducts were in my armpit practically and hovered over her. With my dh's help, she was able to feed like that for a bit. It was hard because I was bum up in the air, face in the bedding and trying to hold my lower breast tissue back so she could breath. It would have been funny if i hadn't been in so much pain I could feel it working and with the next feeding, football style, the clogs were completely gone! Thank you so much for all the advice. It is so important to me that she is ebf. I am going to do nothing today but one diaper load in the laundry and a good hot shower, ok and read up on DS
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