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Re: Relactation? Is it possible??

Originally Posted by bnew View Post
I am just starting all of this, researching still, bought a PIS yesterday... Where did you get domperidone? I have read that its not approved in the US? Also, is a manual pump supposed to feel stronger (read: hurt more) than an electric pump?

I have relactated took LOTs of pumping, trying, time, calls to LLL and LCs.. but it worked for awhile.
I would look at for their relactation forum and for their list of herbs for relactation. Also contact a LLL leader and a LC- sometimes an LC can help you find Reglan or domperidone to help as well.

for above poster: you can get domperidone from a reliable website or sometimes a LC. no its not FDA approved. It does work though- you can ger Reglan too (does same thing) but it can cause depression so if you have a history- dont take it.
and yes a manual pump will feel different than electric but NO pump should ever hurt- the suction/flange is too hard/small.
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