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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

I am a soon-to-be mom doing as much research on CDing as I can before shelling out the money for it. I had Little Lambs on my shortlist for dipes to put into my stash, but on a lark I looked at her feedback on EBay, and then did some more readong to see if I could figure out if it was just some cranky, fluke of a customer, or if it was a real problem. Looks like it's more of a real problem than a fluke.

I also noticed the sharp chronological delineation between "good Little Lambs" and "bad Little Lambs", and I figured that maybe she's just grown her business beyond what she can handle and does not have a good strategy for catching up or slowing down orders, or both. That doesn't mean she's an evil person, but at the same time, if she's making promises on her Ebay store that she knows won't be kept, that's fraud.
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