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Re: How to be a CVS'er

Originally Posted by fluffybaby View Post
one more thing.. since i'm kinda nervous i'll screw this up. but if i need to get candy to bump up my total so i can use a $2/$10 coupon, and something is 2 for $1 on sale, do i HAVE to get both? Usually I'm pretty sure it's NO but ever since a Lane Bryant 5 for 25 panty fiasco, I always ask first
No you don't have to get both. I throw in a $.50 candy when I need to as well.

The BEST thing you can do is lay out your scenario on paper. Here's how i do it..

I'll go through the ad for the upcoming week(s) and see what deals stand out to me. Those are the ones that are:

1. Free after ECB's
2. Spend $10 earn $5
3. Spent $15 earn $10
4. A REALLY good sale price

Then, with microsoft word (or notpad) open, I write down what these items are, what they cost, and how many ECB's i'll earn (if any).

I then open another window and start googling coupons for said items. If I find coupons for them, i IMMEDIATLY print them (you never know when they're gonna disappear off the internet so print them right away).

Ok, so now I know what I wanna get, and what coupons i have.

If I have $/$$ coupons I take that into account when writing up my transactions. For instance, those $2/$10 are still good so im gonna use them.

Let's say there's a deal on candy. Spend $10 earn $5 in ECB's and dove candy is 2/$5. Now lets say I have a BOGO coupon for dove candy bags. I know that I will spend $2.50 for 2 bags, and get my total to $5. All I need is another $5 worth.

Now the next thing i do is look for MORE candy that has coupons available. If there are none, that's ok. What I would do is, add another $5 worth of candy to my order (making it $10 thus earning my ECB's anyway) and now that I reached $10 I can use a $2/$10 coupon. So:

4 bags dove candy $10
use $2/$10 cvs coupon
use BOGO coupon for dove (that takes off $2.50)

Total: $5.50

Now, if I have a $5 ECB I will use that as WELL to get the OOP lower. Afterall, you're getting the $5 RIGHT BACK! So my NEW total would be $0.50 plus tax and i'd leave with 4 bags of dove candy and $5 in ECB's (which I just rolled to last longer.

Now, let's pretend for a second that the deal I wanna do DOESN'T earn ECB's but it's a good price and I have a $4/$20 coupon (I so wish I had one of those right now lol). I may do something like this:

1 lysol nutra air $9.99
3 buddies bars $1.98
colgate total BOGO $2.99
colgate total
cvs skincare item $2.00
use $4/$20
use (2) $5 off nutra air coupons
use (3) $1 off buddies coupons
use (2) $1.50 colgate coupons
use $2 off cvs skincare coupon

Total: $3.94 OOP (or you can use ECB's to pay for this).

Basically you wanna sit down and play out different scenarios on paper. See which scenarios get your OOP lower even if you have to do multiple transactions (which is usually best ESPECIALLY when using $/$$ coupons).

Hope that helps
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