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OMG I'd be panicing.
My first husband did this with our daughter and luckily walked out on us a couple of days later.
I swear to god I still think about it all the time 12 years later.
What if he wouldn't have left and I would have had to deal with him refusing to let her sleep with me?
Thank God I trained my next guy right from the get go. that I think about it, dh sleeps on the couch that he put NEXT to our bed because there is never any room for him. We have Loo and Ezra in bed with everynight. I do miss him.........
Here's my advise, and I'm NOT religious.
I'd pray.
Sometimes it helps.
I'll pray for you, because I know what a big deal this is.
I'm sorry you're going through this.
Mama to Ariah 16, Phineas 14, Lucia 9, Ezra 5, And baby twins Rowan and Freya. (Good God that's a lot of kids)

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