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Re: What's your fav. crock pot recipe?

Mmm.. it is 9am and my tummy is grumbling! Now I want to make a huge dinner!!

I use my crockpot a lot. I've got similar recipes for things that a lot of pp have already put up, and now I'll have some more! THANKS! Never thought of lasagna!!

I HATE pork chops, but my mom finally found a way for me to like them! Haha at 29! We went up there for dinner one night and when she put a pork chop on my plate I just looked at her. She told me I HAD to try it or I'd be sent to my room! HAHA!!! LOL!!

Basically this is what she did ...

Bought a jar of generic apricot preserves from the store. I am thinking like the 6oz size.
Put a package of pork chops into the bottom of the pot. (Hehe.. take it out of the package first and just put the MEAT from the package in the bottom)
Put the entire jar of apricot preserves over the meat. Now refill the preserves jar with apple, peach, pear or apricot juice and pour that in too. Let cook all day!

Mmmm... they are soooo moist. THey fall right off the bone. Mm... and they have a nice sweet flavor, but not too sweet!


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