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Originally Posted by Fuzzi Fannies Creations View Post
he is just mad becuase he says if we do it this way now that we wont have problems later getting him/her to sleep in his/her own bed... dd2 still cries at night..and shes almost 3.. but serisouly.. does it help... do babies that always slept in thier cribs just stay in bed as toddlers???
Well, I don't think what you do has as much effect as their individual personality does. We did the same thing w/ our two: bassinet next to the bed as a newborn (as co-sleep as needed), move to crib in their own room around 3-4 months (still bringing them back to our bed as needed for nursing)...and Gavin is an awesome sleeper (started sleeping through around 3 months, never gets up in the middle of the night, etc.) while Claire is a terrible sleeper (at 9 months she was waking up every 1.5 hours) and now at 17 months, she *usually* sleeps all night, but occasionally wakes up once/night for a nursing session. You just need to follow your heart & your instincts.
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