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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

Originally Posted by tararaboomdeea
Got an email back right away.....

I feel very sorry for you that you believe all of the lies that you hear and do not know the whole story. It is also unbelievable to me that you would participate in a campaign of libel without even considering the consequences to you. I would be very careful if I were you about what lies you choose to promote. Now that you have identified yourself to me, I will be adding you to the list of those who are harrassing me. Please do not write to me again. I have alerted your isp and my isp about your harrassment.

It's really sad when you have to keep a list of all the people who have a problem with you.

I'm feeling really lucky. I was pissed that it took a month for my dipes to arrive and that the shipping cost was ridiculous (my fault for not looking at that first) and I received the wrong colors...but obviously I got off easy! LL were the first dipes that I ordered...luckily, by the time they showed up, I had already received several other dipes and decided that I was committed to cloth diapering. Truth be told, I do like my 2 LL dipes...but I certainly won't be ordering any more.
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