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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

ALSO DON'T forget how important TETHERING your seat in, that is ONE BIG SAFETY feature Britax offers that no other brand offers is rear facing tethers! I have tried (and owned sad but true) every brand of seat and Britax is by far the best..the ease of use, the straps don't twist, they are sturdy and the new seats go to 65 pounds so you will be able to use it longer which lowers your overall costs in boosters, you can go from the convertible 5-65 pound seat to a backless booster to 80-100 pounds...But lets not forget, it may be a hard chunk of change to swallow but it is an investment and just think you will use it for YEARS to come so if you devide it by 5 or 6 years it's PENNIES a day! Or you can waste thousands on trying out every seat until you finally give into Britax and are finally pleased, LIKE ME haha but the next time around I know what brand I will buy...(not that the other brands are bad I just prefer Britax, heck my son is in an alpha omega in the rear facing pic, but he very soon after outgrew it and went right into a fisher price futura the only other seat on the market at that time that went to 60 pounds then we quickly went to the husky after we were on the waiting list for some time)Anyhow here's another photo of the difference of a tethered seat compared to one not tethered....
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