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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

I haven't experienced it on this site, but on other forums, yes, I have had to deal with it. I belong to a forum where the mothers are all about AP, BLW, and BF, so when they find out I FF and BF for only a short period, a few of the hardcore BFers immediately ask me why I didn't BF for longer. For a long time, I was insecure about it and felt like I failed as a mother. It was heartbreaking for me to deal with and I felt like I didn't love my child as much as they did. Logically, I knew that being a good mother isn't just about BFing. I support BFing fully, but knowing how difficult it can be, I do not blame FF mommas at all and do not ask for any explanation at all. It's a matter of respect.
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