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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

I don't do it on here, but outside of cyber world I've come to be known as the tree-hugging boob nazi. Yeah - I openly give family and friends down the road, to their face, for formula feeding - unless they have good reason. I mean, FF'ing because they can get it for free w/ WIC is NOT a good reason, nor is the fact that they wanna go out and party/drink. I don't even think FF'ing so you can be away from your baby more is a good reason - that's why I have a pump! Sorry - I've been getting really worked up about this subject lately due to the WIC issue, come to find out a soon to be mum I know is quitting her job after she has her baby so she can get WIC to pay for formula, that way she can go out and party/drink too. That upsets me VERY much - I'd call that child abuse/neglect.........
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