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Talking Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

I've just discovered this this thread and I'm finding lots of great ideas! We do taco salad which is especially cheap in summer if you grow veggies. Two of my favorite quick and easies,though not sure on exact costs:

tomato, feta sandwiches
-crusty rolls or french bread(good for using slightly stale bread)
-sliced feta (1 pkg makes many sandwiches)
-sliced tomato (free from my garden)
-sliced onion (I prefer red)
-fresh basil (free from the pot in my kitchen window)
-olive oil
Brush bread with oil. Layer ingredients and eat This is my favorite summer sandwich and cheaper than lunch meat.

Shrimp Pasta
-shrimp (I use varying amounts depending on price)
-mushrooms (I use more if I have less shrimp)
-other veggies; I think zucchini would be good but DH wouldn't eat
-cream of mushroom soup
-sour cream
-boiled pasta
saute shrimp, shrooms and any other veggies in a little butter and garlic. Mix condensed soup with 1/2 can milk and about 8 oz sour cream. Stir into shrimp mixture and heat. Toss with cooked pasta- I use farfalle. This recipe makes it easy to stretch shrimp but it's still very tasty. We serve this with salad and garlic toast, which is a good way to use up leftover hamburger buns or stale bread..
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