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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

Just my 2 cents and experiemce with her...

I had bid on some a whiel back won the auction and then a few close friends told me how awful her CS had been adn that they had gotten cheated. SO i emailed her tellign her i couldnt' fulfill my end and pay for them, and i understood if she needed to leave feedback accordingly but i really wasn't in a position to buy them and i had written to retract my bid but it wouldn't let me. She was very nice and friendly and agreed that i could retract (after teh auction ended ) IF I left positive feedback for her adn she would leave teh same for me. SO iagreed cause she was nice, friendly and it was my own fault. BUT it isn't suprising how she gets positive feedback if she's allowing people out of deals that she may not be able to fulfill ANYWAY in exchange for pos feedback. May be speculation but seems to be what happened in my case.
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