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Positive OPK and FertilityFriend

Hey ladies - I had a positive OPK strip Monday late and Tuesday mid-day.

As long as my temp is up tomorrow then fertility friend will show me as ovulating on Monday. I went ahead and just plugged in a temp for tomorrow to make FF show me as ovulating because we're going to be out of town.

My ? is this. I thought that once you had a positive OPK that you would ovulate 24 to 48 hours LATER!!!

However, FF is showing me ovulating the SAME DAY that I had a positive OPK.


I didn't have a test line at all until Sunday and it was super super super faint - then

Monday at 2pm my line was there and almost as dark as the control line but still not as dark as the control line.

9pm on Monday positive OPK - the test line got darker than the control line
Noon on Tuesday positive OPK - again test line was darker than control line
8 pm Tuesday Negative OPK - it was definitely lighter again
2:17 a.m. Wednesday (this morning) Negative - the test line was way way lighter again than the control line

so I onlyhad right 18 hours of a positive.

Thanks ladies!
~ Christi ~
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