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Re: Selective reduction

Yep it is a tough decision and she needs to make her decision on based on what she believes is best for those babies. Her doctor doesn't have a right to demand one but he knows her history better than we obviously do. Maybe because of her age and the fact that she is on her 3rd round.. he knows from blood work or whatever that she has a huge risk of loosing them all. Afterall he is the Dr. kwim?

I would have a horribly hard time having to make that decision if it were me, but again, I go to my Dr. cause I believe in her.. if I didn't I wouldn't have her as my Dr. Hopefully your sister can talk a bit more with her Dr. and really have a heart to heart about the possible outcomes and why they might be that way based on her medical situations.

It would be so hard on her to have to reduce to 3 in order to save those 3.
But it would also be hard to not listed to the Dr and possibly loose them all.
Just my

Get her on the computer and to the library researching what she can about people with her medical background carrying that many babies successfully.
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