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Re: Selective reduction

If a friend of mine (or sister, etc) I would support her, regardless. I do not agree with selective reduction/abortion. However, I do understand why she might be scared and lean towards doing this.

Now, and this is NOT to scare you/her, but I do personally know somone who was pregnant with four, chose to reduce to two. They did. All seemed fine at first. Then, about 11 hours later, labor began, and they could not stop it. They ended up losing all four! I know that's a worst case scenario, but also a very real possibility.

I also know someone (personally) who carried quads. Yes, she was put on hospital bedrest for a few weeks, but ALL babies survived, thrived and are almost a year old today! Now, I know four is not five, but the same sentiment applies. She was very strongly advised to reduce, but she could not do it. Her morals and beliefs stood in the way, and she trusted that God would take care of both her, and all the babies. He did.

I also know of someone (though do not know her personally) who got pregnant via IVF. She had 3 embryos implanted. Two split. She, too, was faced with carrying quints. It scared her to death...well, not literally, but she was very scared. She was also advised to reduce/abort some. She also saw perfect little babies and all had perfect heartbeats. She would not reduce. Instead, she chose to carry, and went to something like 32 weeks with all five. They all survived and are growing nicely from the last update I heard about.

Now, I am not trying, in any way, to tell you (well her) what to do. I'd like to wish her the best, and hope that (no matter what she chooses) she will be okay with the decision and outcome. My thoughts and prayers will be with her!! HUGS!!! (Do please keep us posted on how she is and does!!)
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