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Re: Selective reduction

I am on another mothering board, and there was a girl in a similar situation. She was pregnant with 4. The dr insisted it was best to reduce, and she went along with it, wanting the best outcome possible. They reduced to 2. A few weeks later one of the babies died spontaneously. The 4th baby, was born with MULTIPLE birth defects (undetectable at the time of reduction) and only lived a few weeks. So in her situation, it turns out she "killed' the only children she was ever possibly meant to have.

It's my opinion that you are given things/put in situations, for a reason. If 5 babies "took", that is the course her life is suppose to take. Who knows what she will end up with, but when you "screw with" stuff that is YOU making a decision. SHE will be the one with the "i killed my baby/babies" for the rest of her life. If she loses some along the way, it will hurt just as much, but that was a decision that was out of her hands.

I will be praying for her, that she finds peace with whatever decision she and her husband make.
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