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Re: Selective reduction

My cousin was told to do this, she was preg(naturally) with triplets, but she was high risk and on bedrest from 20 weeks on with her 1st which was just 1. She refused and spent from about 17-18 weeks till 23-24 weeks on bedrest and 23 till birth in the hospital. They were early, 32-34 weeks. One had and still has some health problems, nothing major but still. Other 2 are fine.

She always said the reason she risked her life(which her doc told her she was doing by carrying all 3) was that if she made it and at lest one of the babies did she would never be able to explain to that child why they were the one she keep and that it was the luck of the draw that the living child wasn't one of the 2 terminated. She felt that at some point it would be brought up and she wouldn't be able to explain it to her child..
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