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Re: Selective reduction

I would also like to add something else. I see SO many of you who are saying don't put in any more than you are willing to carry. I totally and 100% agree with this. HOWEVER I do personally know more than one person who has had one implanted, and ended up with twins. (The embryo split.) Then, another who was more than fine carrying twins, so they put in two. One stuck, the other stuck and split THREE times. So, she was then carrying a singleton and set of identical triplets. Here's the thing. She was told to reduce. But the options were either to reduce from 4 to 3, or from 4 to, what do you do then?? She chose not to selectively reduce. She also faced some bedrest, but ALL babies survived and flourished...and are growing like little weeds.

All that little story says is that putting in ONLY AS MANY AS YOU'RE WILLING TO CARRY, isn't always as cut and dry as it sounds. In reference to the original poster, I'm not sure if your sister put in 5 or what...but that was not the intent of this post. This was only to show that it isn't always that fine of a line.

Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with her. Was there ever an answer to how far along she is?? (Just curious!)
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