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Re: Extremely low hcg levels-Does anyone have a success story?

Originally Posted by Momdeprovence View Post
Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I know that anything is possible, it's just good to hear some real stories, you know?

I actually think I implanted 10 dpo because I had spotting last weekend, put in my Diva, but then it stopped. Sunday my temp was way down too...then Monday it went up, and Tuesday up again, so I tested. Bfp, but faint, on 2 different tests. That was day 25, and the first hcg was 16. My doctor put me on progesterone just in case, but we'll have to see on Monday what has happened. I have taken more tests, more brands, and all but the digi have been positive, although they don't seem to be getting darker. Today I'm day 29.
Try to stay positive! I know it's easy to drive yourself crazy when you really want that baby. Hopefully those numbers will be up tomorrow!
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