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Re: Pocket Peeps

We do mostly pockets during the day, I try to alternate fitteds with wool in there when I can, for bum breathing. . . Anyway, it ends up being mostly pockets. . . mostly fb and sb. For our sb, the micro work best (I swear they last longer than the hemp we have) and I haven't tried anything else. for our fb, my day combo is mostly the micro insert that came with the fb over a ll hemp insert. I have a few cotton babies, but sure don't feel the love I hear about around here. I have a few joeybunz that I use, but don't notice a great difference, except for trimness between the legs. . . I also have a few hemparoos prefolds (I get so confused with all the names, babykicks? They have purple surging on the edges and they are fleecy and soft) that are my new favorites, but I only have a few.

That's all for day. That gets us 1-2 hours. For night, I start out with a dream-eze to get us the first 5-6 hours. Then I will put two or three of the hemp, topped with micro. That gets us the last three hours till morning. Usually. But sometimes not. We're still working on nights. lol Sorry I can't help you there!

Good luck!

Ang, now WAHM to Sapphire (11/05), and our two furbabies Trouble and Emma!
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