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Re: Am I the only one that is fed up w/ newbies posting in FSOT asap?

I never posted an intro... but honestly, I only recently realized there was an intro forum... and I'm guessing that's the case with a lot of people.

Many people join simply because they have diapers to sell... I joined because I was interested in cd'ing and wanted to buy some used to save money and make sure I was going to use them. I posted a few times before I bought a diaper, but that was because I was asking questions about the diapers.

Besides, it's no skin off your nose. Don't buy from them if you don't like it.

I'm more sick of people who have sold dozens of things yet still want you to play PP fees. If you sell 2 or more things a month you should buck up and get the proper PP and not ask your buyer to pay the fees or at least roll the fees into the price so that the buyer knows the cost upfront (doesn't effect me, I have funded PP, I just think it's really tacky). Same with not doing PPD. I won't buy anything that isn't PPD. I know I would probably save money without PPD sometimes, but I like to know EXACTLY what I'm paying BEFORE I send a PM, it helps me keep my budget. But neither of these really bothers me. I just choose not to buy from those people.

Originally Posted by Smidgerooski View Post
It's making me crazy! I'm talking about ppl who don't even have the decency to post an intro. But the worst part is the ppl who buy their stuff w/o even thinking.

I've been calling them out on it lately, but frankly it's p*ssing me off.
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