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Re: Am I the only one that is fed up w/ newbies posting in FSOT asap?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
You have to remember, too, that a bunch of the newbies are coming here via a real-life friend who turned them on to cloth diapers and said that this is a great place to buy and sell them. Those newbies are probably too excited to buy/sell to think about posting an intro.

While we are a community overall, some people like the chatter areas more and some people couldn't care less about the chatter areas and hang out in the FSOT all day (you can see my post count/feedback ratio and guess which category I fit into, lol). And that's totally fine. We don't want to pressure anyone into "oh wait you have to post an intro, it's the LAW." lol. Newbies should feel welcome to post wherever they want, whether it's in the FSOT or the chatter areas or an intro.
That's how I came here! And I came to learn and buy, only after buying a lot did I need to sell anything. If you're not comfortable buying from a newbie, that's fine, but I don't think it needs to be a rule or protocol to post before you are active in the fsot. Remember people can be shy online too, and even if someone has 4 posts that doesn't mean they haven't read 400.
To be honest, I'm much more active on MDC, and this is my 'second' community. Also, some of us just don't have time or energy to post after a long day, but don't mind looking at diapers.
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