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Re: Am I the only one that is fed up w/ newbie sellers posting in FSOT asap?

I wrote
"personally I never even considered this was a "community" rather than a buy/sell/trade place. I too now go into the other discussion areas, but I don't think newbies are doing it on purpose. that's just my opinion!"

your reply~

Originally Posted by Primm_n_Proper_Baby View Post

... wait...strike that... !
I didn't know is what I meant. Like a pp said, I came on at the recommendation to buy diaps here so that's what I thought it was. (yeah, "backout" and "bolt" from me on that statement alone! Nice.)

ETA: I have been on nearly a year and have over 200 posts, 100% feedback (granted, only 30 ratings) but anyone can see I post elsewhere as well! I spend most of my time on a local mommy support network, I understand the use for sure! I've met some awesome moms on here and think for the most part we can all be trusted, even if we were misinformed on what this site is about!
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