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Re: Some advice would be great.

You sound just like me I wanted to go into labor by myself so bad, with the first two I had to be induced because of toxemia the first was 3 weeks early at 7.2 lbs and the next one week at 8.6 lbs. I was determined to go into labor with the my last one all by myself I had gestational diabetes we did an ultrasound which said it was about 7 lbs but they can be off by a pound up or down. I told the doctor I would rather have an induction than a c-section and so one week before my due date I was induced with a 8.15 lbs baby. I realized in the end all that mattered is that I had a healthy baby and I did not have c-section. I know some people would rather have a c-section but thought of one makes me sick. I figure maybe with the next one I will have the oh yeah I am went into labor by myself but if not I will be disappointed but in the end it really doesn't matter. You will be okay with whatever you choose. good luck mama.
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