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Re: Some advice would be great.

mama! You can do it!

Question about your two other births. Did you have pain meds/epidural? If not, were you able to understand more where your second lo was at during labor?

With my first, I didn't have a clue where I was at in during labor. However, with my ds...I knew literally felt him traveling through the birth canal and knew it was time for me to push. I'm not sure if that is common or what, but it gave me a better sense of what was going on and the mental strength to keep on keeping on.

Also, I'm not sure if OBs will do this, but I had MWs putting warm cloths and massage to aid the stretching of the skin. Sadly, I won't be with MWs this time so I'm not sure if that would be an option, but I do have to say while I tore both times, it wasn't too terrible (my dd was 7lb13oz and ds was 8lb7oz).

Hope all goes well for you mama!

ETA: CONGRATS mama! Didn't see this was an old post!

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