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Re: Can you use Spray and Wash on diapers?

Originally Posted by RileysMama
I would contact the seller and tell her what's been going on. I think you're entitled to at least a partial refund. Its crazy to sell something with stains on it and not tell the buyer or offer a refund.
I contacted the seller right after I bought them. She said she didnt notice the color. She then contacted the Fuzzi Bunz lady and asked her what I should do. She told me lemon juice and sun and she thought it was probably caused my her using a stain preventer (I found out last week that it was Spray and Wash). So I just assumed that would work. This was only like my 2nd cloth diaper purchase so I was just confused about it all. She did offer me a full refund, but said the stains should come out with the juice and sun. I didnt want to be mean and send them back so I just tried the juice and sun assuming it would work. It didnt, and at that point I couldnt send them back since I had already used them. I contacted her again last week and she told me it was spray and wash that she used. I am pretty sure you are not suppose to use that on diapers and that's what the FB lady told me yesterday. I am basically stuck with them now, partially being my fault for not returning them in the beginning. Like I said I was totally clueless when it came to dealing with the cloth. I am just hoping someone new how to get it out. The FB lady told me to try bleach, that it woudlnt hurt to use it one time. Worth a try I guess.
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