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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

My ds has very similar problems. He is still basically EBF (starting some solids very slowly) at 8 months, and has been getting constipated since he was about 3 mos old. We have to use supositories pretty regularly to get him to poop, because if he skips a single day, he will just stop pooping after that - we waited 7 days once, and he was miserable. We use the baby-lax glycerin suppositories. They don't usually even dissolve, they just provide enough stimulation to make him feel like he's gotta poop NOW, and a little lubrication to ease things out.

DS also had blood in his poop pretty regularly. We have been seeing a pediatric gasstorenterologisst for several months now, and I am on a very strict elimination diet (no dairy, soy, wheat, nuts). It has helped with the blood, and has helped some with the constipation, but we still have to use a suppository on average once a week, I would say.

We have a ton of bowel problems in our family, so we were maybe a little more on top of this than some parents would be. But my brother, father, and aunt have lost thier colons to uncerative colitis, and my other brother has celiac disease. Chronic constipation can be symptoms of both of these. I would seriously reccomend asking for a referral to a pediatric GI dr for an evaluation. My brother's first symptoms of UC were constipation, and his dr missed the diagnosis, and had him drinking prune juice for about 6 months that he ought to have been taking drugs to try to get the UC into remission.

It tends to be better to keep your kids pooping (no matter what it takes) because when they go for long periods of time without and get very backed up, the nerves and muscles of the rectum that signal to thier body that it's time to go get stretched out and damaged, and then they honestly don't feel like they need to poop until they are already quite backed up. We've decided that we won't let him skip more than one day, so on the second day, if he hasn't pooped, we use a suppository. By the second day, now that we are noticing these things, he is acting markedly uncomfortable. And in our experience, he has *never* gone on his own after skipping a day. This way, too, he never gets so backed up that it hurts him to poop (like he did the one time he went 7 days - that was not fun). We try to keep even the suppositories fun, we make up silly pooping songs, cheer him on, etc. We really don't want him to get into a pattern of avoiding pooping because of pain or other unpleasant associations.

I would second the regular, daily time on the potty for pooping. Obviously, I can't do that with my 8 mo old, but I've noticed that he usually poops in the morning when he is sitting on the floor playing with toys. So I really try to keep this time in our schedule, because if we are out and about, he will rarely take the time do poop - there are just too many other things to pay attention to.

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