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During the day, we use microfiber auto towels. I have the blue and white towels from Wal-Mart. They are thin. I fold them into thirds and use two. We have been doing that since September (when we started cd'ing). It works great. The only leaks we have had have come from some article of clothing getting tucked into the diaper and wicking out (or when Logan decides to undo his diaper under his clothes and I don't notice).

At night, I use an insert made by a WAHM on these boards (leobaby). It is hemp with microfiber. It is well made, washes and dries quickly, and lasts all night. Logan doesn't sleep all night, but we don't do nighttime diaper changes (don't feel bad if your little one doesn't sleep all night...they aren't really designed to).

Logan is 16 months old. He used to be a fairly heavy wetter, but we have been noticing that inserts are no longer completely saturated when removed. It appears that it is getting better.

Kim M.
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