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My adopted baby is breastfeeding!!!! picts!

I can't believe it!

The story:
I was thrilled when I found out I was pregnant in the middle of our adoption knowing that I would be able to feed both. Well, right before we went to pick up Noah (adopted baby) my milk supply practically left me. (I was having to supplement with Oliver (bio)).

I took all the things that make your supply come back and it did. When we got Noah, he had NO interest in nursing. He latched on, arched his back and bit down...followed by a scream.

Well, we have turned a corner in our bonding...he is recognizing me and happy to see me. I tried again and he loves it!!! I don't know how much he is getting, but he seems to simply like the closeness of it.

I am SO thrilled that he gets this if only for a short time.

BTW: Noah is from Ethiopia and is seven months old

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