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Re: Selective reduction

i just wanted to stop by and give you are a brave soul to post a question like that on this board.
DH and I have talked at length about this as we went through IVF #1 and are now preparing for ivf#2 in the next couple of months. I am not here to impose my opinions on you or your sister as i don't believe you were really asking for people's opinions in the first place. But I do have a great resource that would be helpful for your sister...that being it is only a place where other women who are in her shoes talk about that tough decision. the website is and there is a folder esp for selective reduction. My thoughts are with your sister as she faces this terrible decision.

Oh and to the OP, you may want to edit your original post to show that you are only looking for stories, links & info not people's opinions...lots of times people don't read all of the posts and have missed where you updated the info.

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