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Re: Selective reduction

Originally Posted by ThatLinGirl View Post
You're clearly missing the point. It isn't about not wanting to parent a high order of multiples, it is about the fact that odds are overwhelmingly in favor of losing ALL of the babies if she leaves things be, or leaves things "in God's hands".

I am not at a point where I can really understand how someone could see deliberately choosing not to intervene as making them any less responsible than choosing to intervene. The odds are in the favor of reducing for the living children's sake. By deliberate non-action, the odds are in strongly favor of you "killing" more embryos through non-action. The choice was made.

Sure, you can leave it to your God, but realize those overwhelming odds of death are WITH his blessing/intervention/whathaveyou, so those odds do include general you, or anyone else going through this situation. I wouldn't be counting on MY children being saved when nearly everyone else's weren't.

JMO. Don't think it kind at all to be calling her a murderer at this point. You can most certainly disagree with me, and I'd fight for your option to do so any day of the week, but going there with the murder comments is very inflammatory and downright cruel. I see the blame as equally high with either decision and really, to me, that is no blame at all. Both options are horridly painful. I know many of you feel differently. Should fewer embryos have been transfered? Certainly -- but this could have happened even with a double transfer. I'd want to do what gave some of my children the best odds rather than having to more likely than not say goodbye to every one of them.

Originally Posted by jessamonk View Post
Are the chances of them all dying higher than of any surviving?
YES! Chances of death are 4-15 times higher for quintuplets than twins. It's kind of all or nothing, since the fetuses share a womb and are competing for maternal resources. One big problem is early delivery. If singletons are born at 20 weeks, they would also have poor chances of making it. A quintuplet pregnancy hardly ever reaches 30 weeks.
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