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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

I've never said anything about bottle/formula feeding to someone. However, I find that many formula feeding mama's feel the need to automatically defend their feeding choice. I've never required it. They don't need my approval, and sometimes, I'll be honest I don't agree with their reasoning. I don't say so. It's their body, their baby, their choice. However I feel annoyed at times that they want me to agree.

I've had people say things to me. But mostly it's just defensive stuff that I don't take personally. I'm sad that anyone feels they need to defend these things to me. We all do things our own way, for our own reasons, and have different priorities.

I worked hard to breastfeed my first DD. I cried before, during and after everytime she nursed for weeks. I took the meds given for my episiotomy to help deal with the pain of nursing, even though I felt bad for using it. It was very important to me though, and I kept at it. I feel a lot of people assume I didn't struggle, because I succeeded. But I'm past being offended now. I know it's not really about me.
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