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My oldest daughter seemed to nurse constantly at night, and only got more and more into it. At 21 months I night weaned her, and she started sleeping completely through the night in 3 days. I would offer her a sippy cup of water, but she didn't want that. She just liked nursing, lol. So I'd hold her, comfort her, do whatever I could. But not lift my shirt.

I wouldn't do that under a year though. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of suggestions. Outside of maybe waiting until she's older and then trying to nightwean. Even partially. Like say between 11pm and 5am or so there will be no nursing.

Good luck to you! I just put up with it until my baby was older. But it's hard when your tot is a big nurser. Hope your baby will cut down on her own soon and you can get some rest.

She may be having a growth spurt or wanting comfort for teething.
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