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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

Wow! I'm absolutely shocked that anyone would want to make someone else feel like they have to defend their choice to Bf or Ff their baby(s)....I've been on both sides and due to having to supplement DD I still am in both boats...It was an easy choice to FF my older DC after nursing each one for 4wks-8wks except for one who wouldn't latch no matter how hard I tried and couldn't even pump for her...I am heartbroken everyday nursing DD4 thinking that today could be the last due to low supply, supplements, solids, BC, etc...I feel for all the mama's whose choice(s) were made for them and for all the mama's that feel like they have to justify those choices to find acceptance in others. We should stand by one another no matter how we feed/diaper or babies...What ever your reason is for your choice, it is YOUR choice(and sometimes decide for you due to medical reasons) I've seen ppl that want to nurse but can't, ppl that can but don't, ppl that can't nurse but pump and bottle feed ebm and ppl that can BF and do.....

I would b/s/t with all of them, they are my friends
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