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Re: Fuzzi Bunz causing diaper rash???

Originally Posted by lovencloth
I don't know for sure if the diaper itself breaths (since sposie companies do not put an ingreadiant list on the package, I don't know all the contents, just about the toxic, cancer causing, and reproductive damaging ones ), but sposies do allow for more "gapping" than any of my PUL dipes do, so air would get to the affected area. I would not give up on your fb, not in least (I never gave up on my PUL dipes). I would keep some ratty, cheap, old will work for 20-45 min fitteds maybe on the ffs board. JMO OR maybe if you want to measure him, some nice mama could make you some fitted contours with aplix closure or something for really cheap, then, you would know that they fit. I think your problem is the build-up, I am only addressing how to get rid of a rash quickly.
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