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Unhappy Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Wouldnt you know it.
I finally start giving up on my body all togehter, I decide i will start trying ot mkae some money again and I opst some stuff for sale here at DS. Well not 15 minutes after I complete 2 tranascation i start cramping. but i ignore it. It was time to take the kdis to mcds to get out osme extra energy and i go potty and I am bleeding. OK so is this it?? it has been 3 weeks since i found my baby died. I knew this would happen eventually, but now i am scared. The times before this i was never scared so why now?? I was in labor 2 weeks ago and fear was not a feeling i had. I am getting increasingly uncomfortable. but nothing oto severe yet. i need another shower. ( i just got out) but it felt good to be in the shower. Actaully i should probaby take a bath since it will be a couple weeks before that happens again. I had just given up on my body and now it is coming thru for me. I am scared and anxious. and i jsut want to cry. lik ei feel this is really it. I havent really cried excet a couple of times, becaseu i dont believe this is happeneing to me again. I would be 20 weeks and 3 days. Anyway, this jsut sucks. I am not looking for replies, i am just venting...Feeling like writing out my feelings i guess...
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