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Re: cd washing!!

I dry everything in the dryer except Mother Ease covers (they yellow) and any nylon pull on covers we have. Everything else gets tossed in the dryer on high for 90 minutes. I hang dry some in nice weather. If I HAD to line dry inside our laundry room is plenty big, so I could hang clothesline if needed.

My routine with hard water, super size top loader, 25 m/o, various dipes:

Spray poop off with the mini shower
Everything goes in a dry pail
Every 3-4 days I dump it all in the washer, XL water level, hot wash, extra rinse
1/4 cap All or other F&C (thinking of trying something else, didn't like scented detergents or Sportwash)
Toss in the dryer as above
About every 4th load I've started leaving the inserts in the washer and re-wash with a tiny bit of bleach (maybe 1/8 C.), rinse three times (one with wash, two extras), toss in the dryer with everything and dry. This is cutting down on the stink I was getting with ds's inserts and night time dipes. I haven't found a way to sanitize dipes that can't be bleached (I have a lot of hand dyed).

In hard water I wouldn't use baking soda or vinegar. The only time my dipes repelled was when I tried Sportwash. Calgon water softner made my fleece STINK. Just using All F&C worked from maybe 6-8 weeks till about 18 months. Then I started getting the major pee stink that the bleach has helped with.

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