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Only good things

seems like I post more about going IN to the hospital than coming OUT. I get a little afraid of "jinxing it" and, when I tell relatives good news they act like its not really good
Anyway. I have good things to post. I'm hoping you guys can keep in mind "its all relative" and *just* be happy.
Lochlan has a serious immune deficiency, and about a dozen other issues as well. He's always sick, he's often hospitalized, he has delays and so on. There are a LOT of mommas on here just recapping Anyway. In the last 3 weeks (he gets infusions every 3 weeks to try to make/keep him healthy) he hasn't had to stay overnight at the hospital at ALL
AND, we had a chest xray because his pneumonia isn't clearing (he got it in Sept). He still has pneumonia, and some scarring etc, BUT his xray is FINALLY not getting worse
AND his labs came back. This won't make sense to most of you, but just go with it ok? His IGg was 120 pre-infusion, and the goal was to have it around 800 3 weeks later. It was 90. But this infusion his predraw showed 340!! Now, its still a far cry from 800, I know- but its a LOT higher than it was and means we are getting closer to finding his right dose AND his stool sample showed only trace amounts of c-diff at LAST! So WOOHOOOO we're fixing up his gut too! AND his ear infections are clearing, still fluid and redness, but less pus and nastiness.
AND the early intervention team came to evaluate him. I don't have the report yet, but he's "doing MUCH better than expected" in everything but speech. AND at 19 months he said "mom", at 20 months "dad" was added. This month he started to point at things when asked (a few pictures in books, and pics of family on the wall) and also added "Nah-Noe" for Connor (biggest brother) and "oooo" for Trew (other brother) and "go" (for go )and also added some new sounds (he had vowels and growls until 19 months, then only B and D sounds until this month) now he has N, G, B, W
All that news has come in in the last week or so.
I don't mean to sound boasty or braggy, just wanted to share our UPS too
Kim, mom of 5
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