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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

i am in tears now just reading this thread. my DD is going to be 6 months old next week and has been on formula her entire life, except for 1/2 of one day when she was taking a 1/2 oz every 3 oz. she was hospitalized for a month after birth and i had complications and i never really had a supply. i pumped every 2-3 hours for 10 weeks (until i literally could not pump a drop) and i never got more than 8 oz, that was on my best day ever. usually around 3-5 oz a day. this was on a host of drugs/herbs/teas and every induction protocol i could find. it breaks my heart that my LO and i were unable to share that experience of nursing, and that at the very least i coudln't even pump enough to feed her. i mourn this as though it was a death. i am still devastated. i've read such horrific things coming from DS mommies that i almost stopped coming on completely. i understand some moms just choose to FF, i have a friend who did that, but blamed not having enough milk though she refused to pump more than 2-3 times a day for a baby WHO COULD NURSE. it makes me sad that someone would choose not to because i tried so hard. but i would never NEVER say awful things about those mamas that i have heard on here. you can't automatically assume that someone is "choosing" to ff.

i hope i don't get another thread deleted, just wanted to say that yes i have experienced this and to point out that there may be a little more going on behind the scenes...

ETA the same mommy i was talking about before was pregnant at the same time i was. she asked me hwo long i was planning on nursing and i said hopefully a year at minimum. she was shocked and asked me if i knew babies can get teeth at 5 months. she said she planned on bfing for 3 months (i'm not making this up) because she didn't want her baby to ever ask for it in public or pull on her shirt.

i have the utmost respect for BFing mommies.

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