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Re: cd washing!!

I've read that you should keep it really simple if/until you run into issues and then you can start adding the baking soda, tea tree oil, vinegar, etc. This is what we plan to do:

A cold soak to remove any stinkies. My washer has a presoak . Then a hot wash with a tablespoon or so of Sam's Club brand detergent. Following the wash, our washer has a cold rinse. The FB website says that should be enough to rinse out all the stuff, but I'm sure I might be skeptical a few times and run an extra rinse. Pockets are usually mostly dry by the time they spin out, so hang those to dry and toss the inserts in the dryer. (Though, when I prewashed everything I put the pockets in the dryer on HOT to seal the waterproof layer.)

I know that most places you buy from or brand of diapers will have their own recommended way of doing it. In fact, FB and bG both come with washing instructions on their tags. LOL Sarah has great information on washing at her site here:
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