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Re: Favorite Place to buy FBs?

Originally Posted by mommymell
Why should you care if Nicole takes a loss?? Unless you are afraid it will take away from your own business. You say you aren't bulling her, but being the outsider looking in on this post YOU clearly look like a bully. She changed her sale. YOU had to make it a big deal. You assumed stuff about her and now I assume that you had alot to do with this. Do you now feel attacked. I am sure this is how Nicloe felt.
If you are refering to me... I don't care if Nicole takes a loss (well, I do because I don't think she should do that to herself but I don't care in terms of my business). All I was doing was trying to explain to that one poster WHY "wahms" can't sell at any price they want. I am not making it a big deal at all, just trying to clarify questions that came up.

As for me having anything to do with it... that is silly. What power could I possibly have over Nicole's sales? I am a peer.... not a wholesaler or a supplier. Nicole does not answer to me.

I don't feel attacked, I feel that you have misunderstood my intentions. And that is fine, it happens on message boards all the time.

Just because I voiced my opinions doesn't mean I am responsible for what has happened today but if you would like to draw that conclusion that is just the nature of misunderstandings on message boards.
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